Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (6)

The forces of chaos stood toe to toe with a huge earth elemental. A charged in, freezing the monster in its tracks, but the giant brought its stony fists down on the gnome, breaking her tiny bones. Spurred on by the death of their friend, our intrepid heroes descended on their mountainous opponent and slew it. The crowd cheered and the illusory jumbo-trons panned the crowd, revealing secret mafia communications. Fortunately, Sehk’met succeeded (critically) talking to the stadium guards and A was resurrected, gratis. She rejoined them while they sat waiting for the captain of Vigil’s underguard, Livia Pisonis, who owes them a prize of three thousand gold for defeating the elemental. They eventually meet her, notice her gang ring, and concoct an elaborate scheme involving a swarm of mad monkeys, the nearby circus, Sehk’met screaming, Gerecht riding elephants, the attempted jailbreak of imprisoned mites, wild mimes escaping, and general chaos. They got the drop on Livia, her lieutenant, and their guards, killing the lot of them. They grabbed the ring, some loot, and skedaddled.


Loot: This assumes that the party grabbed the pot, Livia and her bf’s gear, and left the gear of the normal guards (and mites) for time and weight reasons. You looted: [all medium size] A Captain’s Banner (slotless, command word, 1/day bless; 720g), potion of CLW (50), Magic Weapon Oil x2 (100), spiked banded mail (300), spiked light shield (30), chainmail (150), mwk bardiche (313), longbow & arrows (76), throwing axe (8), masterwork composite longbow (mighty +4 Str) with 60 arrows (602), elven curve blade (80), throwing axe (8), alchemical silver arrows x5, cold iron arrows x5 (5g total for the arrows?),
mwk manacles (50), and the 3000g prize.


663.6gold to everyone. the group keeps the guard banner, Porphyria keeps the mwk manacles, A keeps the cure potion, Garrick keeps the bardiche and 1 magic weapon oil. Roggen is presumed to keep the other magic weapon oil, both throwing axes, the composite bow and ALL the arrows


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