Title Lotto

Every level, each player throws a title for his or her character into the pot. Occasionally NPCs will appear who have descriptions randomly determined by picking two names and mashing them up. Each winning player will have all XP earned that night by 25%. Ropke and I will also be participating. Drawing Ropkeā€™s title will give the score multiplier to everyone. Drawing my title will be bad.

The winners thus far:

Lima & Foley:
Savior of the Small + Berserker of Pragmatism = The Small Berserker
Harley Gizbob

George & AC:
Copacetic Compadre + Shadow Necromancer = The Shadow Compadre
Terran Brax

Felicia & Lima:
Mini Moosegician + Pink Princess = Moose Princess
Freyja Thunderkeel

Margaret & Ropke:
Kitten Scout + Scribe of the Frail = Scout of the Frail
Abram Stacionodel

Margaret & Foley:
Bunny Scout + Speaker of Chaos = Bunny Speaker

Lima & Ropke:
Flouncing Fairy + Conjurer of Facepalms = Fairy of Facepalms
Kylie Whisperslip

Felicia & Foley:
Little Lichenthrope + Soldier of Conflict = Lichenthrope Soldier
Sgt. Emil Kuhair

AC & Ropke:
Thief of Larceny + Hero of Time = Thief of Time
Sascha Starly

Title Lotto

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