Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (1)

Our bold heroes ride towards Vigil with the rest of the caravan, slaying a zombie en route. Their relationship with their employer seems more strained than it once was. They enter the city and find their way to Cayden’s Landing, a hole in the ground which Yulie recommended. The party rests, shops, and chats up a few of the locals. They find that the city, while generally safe, is a strict environment that doesn’t much like the “races of stone,” a term which seems to include dwarves, gnomes, and oreads. Gerecht and Sehk’met meet with Safira, who outlines their new mission: rescue a dwarven dignitary from a local gang. Harsh words are exchanged and the future of our heroes in the employ of the Grand Market is left unclear.


Also, we’re to give birth to a lizard baby; blackmailing (totally not “trying to kill”) a local racist inquisitor, and… well I think I’m forgetting one: Oh right, Gerecht appears to have yelling demons in his head and magic dolphins in his stomach


Treasure awarded: None. Sorry.


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