Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (11)

After a night of recuperation, Teyuti arrived to lead the ardent rescuers down beneath the Grove into the abandoned dwarven undercity. He came with four debtors in tow— toga wearing gangsters interested in killing some cultists. It seemed that the removal of “Dyonisia” Krei had sparked a war between the users and their former suppliers.

The under-city proved educational in the religious practices of dwarves: the adventurers looted the temple to the evil god Droskar, and solved a puzzle in the temple to the “lesser gods” (Droskar Uber Alles). Their path snaked back and forth over bridges spanning a subterranean river and next lead to the campsite of adventurers who had perished in their quest— their bodies lay in a patch of brown mold, which leeched the heat from their bones as they slept. After helping themselves to the few surviving treasures of the dead heroes, our opportunistic adventurers rescued a gnome in distress. A Mycolite named Farah had escaped the cult only to be surrounded by deadly brown mold! The forces of chaos trimmed back the sinister plant life and learned that, like many others, she had been brainwashed by the leaders of this mysterious society, forced into a life of evil. In thanks, she provided them with a trickster’s fruit basket and was lead to the surface by one of the toga-toting companions.

Ominous chanting and flickering torches signaled the team’s arrival at the sacrificial grounds. They stormed in, cutting down armored oreads and robed supplicants and saw— beyond a broken bridge and a gaping chasm— a dwarf with a draping mustache standing over a wriggling body in a burlap sack. Yulie at last! After dodging half a dozen spells hurled at him by Propheria and A, he proceeded to slice open his victim’s skull and remove the brain. With a wink and a nod— and Rogenbogen’s arrow in his shoulder— the “mushroom pope” disappeared. The heroes fought on, bursting with their need for vengeance when a hooded figure previously at the back of the fight revealed itself. Under the hood was Yulie’s face, but life had long since left the dwarf. Even unlife had given way; the corpse before them was mockingly puppeted by fungal parasites seeded into his vacant brainpan. The creature ran at them with a massive jeweled hammer and the powers of undeath in its claws. The abomination was met with claws and horns, arrows and glitter, force of arms and force of magic. Our heroes left the battlefield victorious, but empty. The mushroom pope must die.


Treasure, divided by room:

#2: 8 golden holy symbols of Droskar (which are only realistically saleable as gold scrap worth 400g), a golden cylindrical idol of Droskar (saleable for 900g as scrap), assorted golden chalices and plates worth 600g and a masterwork cold iron earthbreaker encrusted in 8 bloodstones (380 + 400g), and locked stone coffer [DC 25] containing 600 dwarven silver pieces.

#3: A masterwork longsword (315), a cloak of resistance +1 (1000), a golden holy symbol of Sarenrae, the Dawnflower (100), and a potion of CMW (300)

#4, the gnomish trickster’s gift basket: a basket (.02) containing 3 pounds of bananas (.06), 1 lb of chocolate (10), 1 lb. of almonds (.1), several feather tokens: swan boat (225), anchor (25), tree (200), 2 gallons of ale (.4), 3 elixirs of love (450), 2 jars of glue (1), a live chicken (1), 2 universal solvents (100), 6 flasks of alchemist’s fire (120), 2 vials of glowing ink (10), and a small keg of black powder (1lb., 200)

#5: a scroll (A) of Wall of Fire (700), masterwork heavy mace (312), a surprisingly stylish false beard (179), scroll (D) of Eagle’s Splendor (150), potion of CLW (50), a pocketed scarf (8), and a worn leather pouch containing 123g in gems and 32g in coins.

#6: Scrolls: CLW (25), magic weapon (25), lesser restoration (150), 4 potions of CLW (50),
mwk breastplate (350), 5 suits of banded mail (1250), 5 heavy steel shields (100), 5 mwk scimitars (1575), 4 longbows & 80 arrows (304), mwk heavy repeating crossbow & 60 bolts (706), slings & rocks (0), 5 kukri (40), 5 small wooden boxes filled with creep (31.25), a cloth pouch containing a few semi-precious gemstones (3 jaspers) (400), Mwk cold iron earthbreaker encrusted in 8 bloodstones (380 + 400g), Banded Mail (250), Sundark goggles (20), Pipe(1), six silver and two gold rings (20), cartographer’s kit (10)

Total: 13000 (I think)


I awarded 11000 xp, divided 5 ways, so everyone should have received 2200 each.


everyone gets 995 gold, 3 silver, 2 copper


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