Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (12)

Sehk’met researched Yulie’s fate and decided that there was hope yet: Yulie’s brain might still be untainted by undeath. She also found a connection between the leader of the Mycolites and Varius, Vigil’s criminal overlord. With that, the team quickly set out for the headquarters of Toni the Dragon. Nothing could stop them now. The party bypassed the growing gang war between the cultists and the mob and entered the familiar antique store. They were slowed by John and Bruno, but pushed into Toni’s office. Proferia cursed the crimelord, Gerecht held her down, and the duo of Sehk’met and A reached into her trap door paintings and throttled her secret pseudodragons. The lock which barred the way into Varius’ inner sanctum was quickly opened, the rings of his lieutenants forming a zigzag pattern which revealed a hidden staircase. Beneath the store was the first surprise: cultist forces had beaten them into Varius’ lair and were led by a reanimated Mycolite Camille. Before being cut in two, she spouted the cult’s next move: to attack the heart of the unseelie fey, Studio 57! The forces of chaos run to save the creepy little fairies, but the day is coming soon for Varius and the mushroom pope!



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