Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (2)

A foray into the past tense

The gang explored the city on many fronts. A was invited to a meeting of local druids the next evening. Sehk’met brought everyone along on her visit to Veena Heilu, Precentor Martial of Magic. Veena is still several weeks away from her date, but her magically accelerated pregnancy makes this a tricky case.

Proferia led a charge into Frontius’ Antiques; she hypnotized the soothsayer at the counter and Gerecht summoned a dolphin near the mob enforcer, creating total confusion. In the back room the bunch were cordially greeted by Antoinella di Spettro, a humble businesswoman. After cutting through the pleasantries and bullshit, it was surmised that she does have the dwarven dignitary and the ransom is sixty thousand gold pieces. The party suggested that their dwarven contacts could go higher, but demand proof of life. (In a pre-video age, proof of life will be complicated to arrange, but the mob will likely agree.) The plan, as it stands, is to do the exchange outside of town, invite the Shadow Compadre, and let the do-gooder kill the criminals. The fact that the bunch doesn’t have the ransom money won’t matter.

After the backroom dealings, the party investigated a midwife in Lowtown who Veena suggested was botching births. The criminal in question was one Zorotan the Rainbow Wizard, a magical con man preaching his awesome powers to the hapless peasantry. They confronted him in his spacious wagon, noting that he saves the stillborn babies in jars (and maybe turns them all into zombies?… it’s unclear), and killed the scheming illusionist. After a search, they found a suspicious note in amongst the treasure. It’s a request for evil aid from someone called Mycolite Camille


On Zorotan, the party finds:
Bracers of Armor +1 (1000), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000), Mwk Quarterstaff (300), an Alchemist’s Lab (200) in a Heavy Wagon (100) drawn by two light horses (150), a collection of fetuses preserved in brine (priceless?), a ginger-colored Wig (5), Crappy furniture (1), a golden ring (25), some scrolls inside a Case (1) which reads “ESCAPE PLAN” in draconic: Invisibility (200), Expeditious Retreat (25), Mount (25), Mad Monkeys (450), the spellbook of Norman Henkel (Color Spray, Silent Image, Ray of Enfeeblement, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Alter Self, Expeditious Retreat, Protection from Good, Protection from Law, Mirror Image, Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility, Reverse Gender, Vampiric Touch, Vision of Hell), and a note.


Prophyria has used up the following scrolls: Cause fear, charm person.
I would like to claim Alter self and Vision of Hell to learn at future levels.


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