Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (3)

The forces of chaos attended a fancy cocktail party! The Vigil Druid’s Grove holds such soirees regularly, partially to cloak their faith in a respectable veneer. A met Madame Scree, a half-mad old dwarf. Gerecht made friends with a hidden herbivore called the Mosstodon. Sehk’met spoke with Raging Boar, a feral child. Rogenbogen and Propheria skipped the whole affair to spend some time together!

Our heroes weren’t interested in the respectable guests, but Raging Boar introduced them to her high society father, William, Baron of Hallein, Marshal of Scouting (retired), and their host. William cordially explained the reason for their invitation: a young elf from the jungle far to the north had gone to a service at the Church Mycolite here in Vigil, met with zombies, and was beaten within an inch of his life. They met the elf, named Teyuti, and agreed to burn the church to the ground, provided William would use his influence to help them catch the Shadow Compadre.

In a secluded part of Lowtown, the team bust in the door, found the place empty except for a priestess, a few of her flock, and ZOMBIES! The priestess, Mycolite Camille, cursed the heroes and their little moose, too. The undead and their masters met with a swift end, but Yulie caught one of the oread cultists and now holds him as a prisoner.


Acquired 2 Clubs (0g; sized for medium characters), 6 Stones (0), 6 Torches (.06), 1 vial of Bloodroot Poison (100), 2 vials of Unholy Water (50), (the following items are sized for a small character) Chainmail (150), a Light Steel Shield (9), 4 Darts (2), a Masterwork Sickle (306), and a Silver Unholy Symbol (25).


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