Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (4)

The team interrogated the captured cultist, using his limited knowledge and A’s keen gnose to figure out the subterranean source of the psychotropic drug known as “creep”. However, they decided to rest for the night before charging in. The same bizarre dream awoke all five of our heroes in the small hours of the morning, moments before assassins could drive their knives into their sleeping bodies. Several broken assassins and broken walls later, the party learned the truth: these mite killers were sent by the mysterious Lodge of the Twin Sapphires— the parent organisation of the mites in the first dungeon the party cleared together. They bought the surviving Sapphire Stabber breakfast and sent him off with a message: they want to be removed from the hit list (or at least know why they’re on it!). At full strength the surly squad made their way into the sewers of Vigil and kicked in the door of the drug lab. Here bulk fungus was being refined into the hypnotic powder which the Church Mycolite uses in their rituals, all under the supervision of an evil gnomish alchemist who A had crossed paths with before! Krei, the chief “dionysia” of the local crime syndicate, had once seduced A’s boyfriend, a sheeplover named Baaaab. A raucous battle erupted, chemicals thrown everywhere, and in the end Krei was shot through the chest and went plummeting off a ledge, destroying her exotic pink bush.


Experience earned: 1100 each
Treasure collected:
The following is sized for a medium sized creature:
plumbatae x10 (as darts, 5g), quarterstaff x2 (0), padded armor, stained yellow x12 (30), daggers x6 (12)
The following is sized for a small creature, if appropriate:
Mwk dagger x4 (1240), Daggers x20 (40), Chain shirt x4 (400), Grappling hook x4 (4), Potions of Disguise Self x7 (350), scrolls of disguise self x2, scrolls of shield x2, wand of sleep x2 (11 charges each, 300g), Small centipede poison x3 (540), triangle cut sapphires x4 (200), cure light wounds potion x3 (150), a vial of acid (10), six flasks of alchemist’s fire (120), 1 chain shirt (1250), Cloak of resistance +1 (1000), Alchemist’s Mask (2 to C:Alchemy, 600g), mwk spear (302), three doses of shadow essence (750), one dose of arsenic (120), six plumbatae (as darts, 3g), two antitoxins (100), mwk thieves’ tools (100), alchemist’s lab (200), 50g of alchemical supplies, 50g of alchemical supplies which could only be used to make drugs, formula book (contains the formulae for extracts prepared above plus cure light wounds, and enlarge person, etc.), a glass gallon jug of refined creep (50), 25 ceramic jugs of unrefined creep (25), 66 gp

And a giant scorpion.


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