Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (5)


After a day of shopping, healing, and relaxation, out intrepid adventurers had a few drinks at a friendly neighborhood bar called the Double Stuff. Yulie told them the ancient dwarven creation myth— the Beardening— and how it tied in to their adventure en route to Vigil. Rogenbogen even added her own, strange knowledge of the tale to the mix. However, some humans picked a fight and it ended poorly for them. It turns out they were mob-affiliated, though, so let’s hope that doesn’t get anyone into trouble.

A note came for the team in the morning, in blue crayon and horrific handwriting. “The Sapphire” had gotten word from his assassin that the party had requested a cessation of hostilities, and was ready to discuss the idea. The note lead them down into the sewers to a puzzle box and a group of waiting agents from Lodge of the Twin Sapphires. When the team prepared to confront them, though, the whole sewer wall moves rapidly towards them. Instead of crushing them into paste, it pushes them out into a screaming arena. Thousands of faces look down on to the sand where the mites and the party join a brave knight battling a enormous earth elemental. The surprise distracts the heroic warrior, however, and he is crushed into paste. The elemental roars triumphantly and looks towards the newcomers.


XP: 700
Loot: [small size follows] 2 studded leather (50), 2 masterwork daggers (604), 10 daggers (20), [medium size follows] 4 masterwork greatswords (1400), 4 breastplates (200), 4 throwing axes (24), 2 quarterstaves (0), 4 small casks of wine (20g), 2 potions of cure light wounds (100), 4 scrolls of disguise self (100), 4 scrolls of shield (100), 2 bags of caltrops (2), 2 wands of sleep (11 charges each; 130g?), 4 bottles of alchemist’s fire (80), 10 darts (2.5), 66 gp


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