Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (8 & 9)


Plans Gerecht put into place when the crew arrived in Vigil finally started to spin into action. The word on the street was that the Terran Brax- Shadow Compadre- was back in town! Our heroes decided to spring a trap on the mobsters. They organised a meeting for the ransomed dwarf ambassador, talking John Frontius into an exchange location outside the city. Sehk’met entered the Shadow Tower disguised as one of Vigil’s poorer citizens and informed him that a meeting would take place which he’d have a keen interest in. While the Shadow Compadre spat dramatic phrases and racial epithets at Sehk’met, A sought out Lord William in Hightown sweat lodge and asked him to bear witness to the whole event.

When the meeting took place in a small isolated gulch in the surrounding countryside, much had obviously been tampered with. Tony appeared from a hiding spot in a stone wall and tried to conduct the trade, but everything quickly went south when the party realized that the section of wall- as well as Tony herself- was an illusion. Just as battle between the mafia flunkies and the seasoned adventurers began, everything was disrupted by an eruption of zombies. Hundreds of buried corpses lurched out from the ground and turned menacingly towards the living. In the distance, several yellow-clad cultists chanted, controlling their creations. The zombies quickly brought down the fleeing wise guys and turned their full attention to the small, squishy protagonists.

Perhaps not that small- an enlarged Gerecht and emboldened Fenris cut the undead to shreds. On Harumph’s sturdy back, A dodged through the grasping hordes towards the twelve foot half-orc and summoned up the friendly roots and cacti, ensnaring half the battlefield. Sehk’met channeled peace and rainbows from the beyond, burning crowds of corpses from the inside. Proferia identified and destroyed the high-priority targets, the cultists with her glittering missiles.

With the enemy spell-casters removed, relief arrived. Down the length of the gulch flew a pack of dire bats, each with a wingspan of over twelve feet. They snatched up the heroes one by one, the last magically enlarging to accommodate Gerecht. Madame Scree and the Vigil Grove proved to be worthy allies. After minutes of flight, the bats descended though a hole in the surface into a cavern system. Sehk’met, instinctively opposed to being carried (also blind), squirmed and knocked her bat into a stalactite. Her deadly plummet was averted when she was caught… by a monstrous tentacle!

Her allies flew, fell, and feather-fell to her rescue, discovering an ancient stone room with a crumbled ceiling. Within the room was a tentacled horror menacing their feline priestess, a gigantic Violet Fungus! Gerecht’s sword and A’s icy sorcery slew the malicious plant. A thorough search of the room revealed runes which pointed the way back towards Vigil— through a section of dwarven undercity. The forces of chaos blundered into and then cleverly escaped a hallucinogenic room and discovered a treasure chest! Unfortunately the chest was trapped with powerful summoning magic and unleashed a Chain Devil. After disposing of the kinky Kyton, the brave companions unlocked the chest to find an ornate warhammer. In a moment all the threats of the devil and cultists fell into place— Yulie had been kidnapped! Proferia swore that she’d rescue her comrade in learning and lead the way back to town.


XP: For the sake of simplicity, everyone is now level 5.
Treasure: a dozen large tiger’s eyes worth 600g in total and Yulie’s warhammer.


If anyone is interested, the zombie encounter’s real world location is in Andalusia, Spain.


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