Over Hill

A Night At the Circus, And Other Madness (13)

Thirteen Halloween

The unstoppable heroes dashed into the nightclub where the unseelie fey make their court and saved the day! In an exhausting gauntlet, the forces of chaos defeated a masked duergar riding a skeletal dinosaur, a scarecrow stuffed with a murder of crows, a coven of goblin witches, the all-powerful Genie of the Disco Ball, a massive flesh golem, and Madame Scree, the bat druid who’d been plotting the destruction of the city with the cult all along! Along the way, they gathered the good will of many onlookers, including a restaurant critic and Maurice the bouncer. The merry heroes were all tuckered out by the end and did not reach the final battle with the shadowy king of the fey nor did they meet their final ally— an elusive blue bard. But perhaps next Halloween the Great Pumpkin will smile upon them again!


You each gained 5000xp.

Treasure: Mwk dwarven waraxe (330), 2 light hammers (2), Heavy Crossbow (50), Chainmail (150), heavy steel shield (20) w/ built-in drinking horn (5) containing potent mushroom mead (4), a backup horn of mead (2), 109 ancient dwarven gold coins, the Drunkard’s Bridle (1/day drunkard’s breath, CL 3, 2400g), Cold iron dwarven waraxe (60), Hat of disguise (900), 6 Black leather bikinis (mwk studded leather, 1050), 6 mwk dogslicers (1848), 6 sling with 60 bullets (.6), 6 formula books (0), 6 witchy hat (30), 12 bottles of alchemist’s fire (240), potion of cure serious wounds (750), scroll of ice storm (700), wand of chill metal (10 charges, 900g), 8 goodberries (0), +1 hide armor (1165), scimitar (15), sling with 10 bullets (.1), pearl of power (1st level, 1000g), 120 gp

Total: 11850.7


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