Over Hill

A "Night" at the Circus, and other Madness, Night 14

Exeunt Vigil

The trouble at the disco was now only a memory as noon dawned in Vigil. A had Harumph saddled and fed before Proferia emerged from her smelly hair cocoon. Gerecht sharpened his finest blades and Sehk’met said prayers to darkness and to light. And then they kicked down Varius’ door. Jacobi Meek’s sexy sorceri were pushed past and trampled over. The forces of chaos met and bested a pair of devils, Ms. Cedarwick and Mr. Gob. They guarded Varius, who turned out to be the mushroom pope, and the fifth dwarven emissary. He attacked the team with his greasy magical mustache, but was also disposed of. After sifting through his valuables, the crew solved a few puzzles and freed some enslaved gardener mites. They discovered a magical gate to the secret hideout of Veena Heilu’s baby daddy, who turned out to be a scheming blue dragon who referred to himself as The Sapphire. Also, a creeper. Sehk’met delivered Veena’s baby and disowned the archmage of Vigil for her poor life decisions. Our heroes fought hallucinatory shadows of their fallen foes and then befriended a elder earth elemental who they named Fred. At last, the freedom fighters discovered Yulie’s brain, preserved in a strange metallic canister, fully awake and alive, but undeniably insane. He had been driven past reason by the unknowable minds of the fungus from Yuggoth, the Mi-go. As Yulie yammered on about the excruciating ecstasy he experienced as his mind was shown other dimensions, the fleshy horrors scuttled and fluttered into position in the darkened hall, striking with putrescent rayguns and surgeon’s claws. Their fungal flesh was torn apart by the triumphant liberators, but Yulie remained in a prison of sorts. Other prisoners were found as well, elves intercepted by the mushroom cult on their way to Vigil, elves traveling with a valuable cargo. As the last elf died, he passed on his artifact, sending the forces of chaos on a quest across the mountains to the eastern sea, where elves waited for this white cube to mount a fight against the Axiomites and the forces of Law.


4 potions of cure light wounds (50), 8 scrolls of disguise self (50), 4 scrolls of shield (50), 4 wands of sleep (11 charges; @130g?), 8 bottles of alchemist's fire (40); 20 darts (@2.5), quarterstaff (0), masterwork light crossbow with 10 bolts(336), cloak of resistance 1 (1000), belt of strength +1 (1000), amulet of mighty fists1 (4000, corrosive), mushroom vest (500), headband of intellect +1 (1000), ring of protection +1 (2000), Ring of Jumping (2000), chainmail (150), light steel shield (9), 4 darts (2), masterwork sickle(306), silver unholy symbol (25), 11 dwarven gold coins (11), feather token (whip; 500g), tanglefoot bags (2; 100g), masterwork studded leather (175), bolas (3; 15g), masterwork guisarme (309), masterwork sap (301), spiked gauntlet (2), climber’s kit (80), drow poison (2 doses; 150g), manacles (15), ghost vision gloves (4000), brain cylinder (5000), 4 fleshcurdling rayguns (8 charges, 2880g), 632 gp, and a strange white box (?) [Total: 27988]

Found in the second cell block:
1) Half-plate Armor 600 gp [67.33%, Very Cheap Quality] : 404gp ]
2) Masterwork Hide Armor : 165gp [

3) Slaying arrow : 2282gp ]
4) Arcane Scroll, Lightning bolt {3rd/5th}, Fly {3rd/5th}, Summon monster III {3rd/5th} : 1125gp [

5) Bracers of armor 1 : 1000gp [
6) Crossbow, repeating heavy 400 gp [93.25%, Low Quality] : 373gp ]
7) Potion of Cat’s grace {2nd/3rd} : 300gp [

8) Potion of Reduce animal {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
9) Arcane Scroll, Acid splash {0/1st} : 12gp [

10) Holy symbol, wooden 1 gp [Standard Quality] : 1gp [+]
[Total: 5962]


Also amid loot : The handy haver sack


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